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I encourage those seeking instruction to first...

click here to contact me by email (info@InnerGuidanceOnline.com)

....and talk by phone to my senior students who will offer you additional perspectives on me as a teacher, and answer any questions you may have. My students will also ask you questions about your goals and what has motivated you to seek a teacher. In this way we help to ensure that your goals as a student are compatible with what I teach as a teacher.

After your questions are answered and further study is desired, a class will be scheduled and a donation is needed. I ask for a donation at the start of each class to help with the physical demands of keeping my teaching practice.  

Some additional information about my teaching practice:

- I teach individually, one-on-one, exclusively.

I offer classes once per week.


I offer classes both in person and over the phone, depending on the specific circumstances and location of my student,

- I do not accept extravagant gifts, and do not wish those studying with me to give up their secular lives.