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Everyone's spiritual path is unique and the obstacles to finding it are extensive, especially in this age of Kali Yuga, where desire for a spiritual connection has been replaced by focus on the material world. Internal habits, desires, Vassanas, and secular experiences with family, friends, co-workers, and strangers can all serve to distract the seeker from both finding and progressing along their unique spiritual path.

As a spiritual teacher, I seek to teach my students how to live harmoniously with these distractions, so they can both find and progress unencumbered along their unique spiritual path. In my 37 years of teaching, I have found the best way to accomplish this is by combining my expertise in both internal and external approaches. 

I employ external approaches including Yoga, darshan, meditation, concentration, discrimination, and surrender to teach my students how to live harmoniously with the distractions of their daily secular life and progress unencumbered along their spiritual path.

I employ internal approaches, including the tapas shakti, to help my students improve their spiritual intuition. This intuition serves them in two ways. In the beginning, it helps them to know, on their own, what supports their spiritual path and what hinders it. Then, in time, this intuition matures into an attraction towards that which supports their path, and an aversion from that which hinders it. The result is serendipitous spiritual experiences in their external worldly lives and their internal daily experience, which serve to inspire and motivate my students to progress along their unique path.